LGK atrakcijas

We are Sigulda, Latvia, based company. We produce wide range of inflatable and foam filled products and provides rental and repair services.

LGK Atrakcijas works since 1989 and are pioneer in inflatable attractions busines in Latvia and Baltic states.


LGK atrakcijas with the support from LIAA participated in this years Euro Attraction show 2017.

Euro Attraction show is the leading conference and trade show for the attraction industry in Europe. This year event was held in Berlin, Germany, from 26th to 28th September.

To discover latest developments in the amusement park and attraction industry show gathered approximately 12’000 people from all around the world. This year more than 500 companies working in attraction industry represented themselves in the show. It is a great opportunity to  meet new clients and partners, see the latest trends for amusement parks and leisure activities in the world, as well as participate in conferences and gain more knowledge about the industry.


We are for safety in everything we do and create! This time will tell how we produce attractions.

Most customers to the company comes with already prepared sketches where drawn, what should look attraction, but some clients attractions select from existing products, such as looking in catalogs. Even some customers come and begin to draw designs on paper, telling about what their desires. Once the sketch is created, the company consists of specialists in 3D drawing program and sent to the customer for approval. Specialist in computer program determines the exact dimensions and colors. The company also has accumulated a folder with the earlier period drawings and produced theme illustrations. A big benefit is the 3D program, in attractions become easier to manufacture, without the previously required basic knowledge of the technical drawing.

Production area. In production now works seven employees - all though men as to take into account that all helps in the transportation and installation of attractions that is relatively hard physical work. Further information on the required attraction is transferred to production specialist who draws patterns. Next worker takes a sample of the material and cuts material from the template according to the parameters. PVC materials company buys from Germany, but the foam rubber purchased from Latvian manufacturer. China equipment are not used!

Preparing and sewing attractions, must take into account that an attraction inflates. The company's specialists are trying to draw, allowing for expansion, but life sometimes meet in a different way. Therefore, the first step, a test version to see how great expansion place. This is an advertising object of a company presentation.

Sumo suits are transported to Saudi Arabia, so the costumes have to sew instead of glue, because the country has a great heat, which can damage the glued areas. To obtain the necessary form, attractions are also stitched partitions, otherwise where will be assembled only the outer edges and inflated, it will meet a ball shape. Attractions are different sizes, so the lead-time they are different, for example, smaller attractions can be produced within a week, but if the customer wants a big attraction, it is faced with about a month, because never in such a way that the company's employees made one attraction - parallel are made several.

Foam cutter. From the template on foam draw the necessary form, and then cut. All employees in the company take all the responsibilities. Latest employees initially doing simpler tasks, such as cutting material, foam, but eventually learn to sew.

We recently purchased a machine that melts material. Until now, if it was necessary to combine materials in a larger area, then it was glued, but this facility is melting material. In this way, the fastest possible time to get a longer seam. If the material is glued, then wait until the glue to dry, the tape should be noted the place and it requires extra time. So far, though employees still learn to deal with new installations because it can be installed in a variety of modes.

The company has always indicates that the item is produced in Latvia.

Warehouse that stores the inflatable attractions, games and all the necessary things to provide attraction services.

Before the event attractions are inflated and tested. Manufacture of smaller attraction takes about a week, while the larger reckon with month as always are made in parallel with a number of attractions. Also portal db.lv examined whether the attraction is in order :)