about us


LGK attractions (LGK atrakcijas Ltd. based in Sigulda, Latvia, Europe) manufactures and distributes a wide range of inflatable and foam filled products and provides rental and repair services. Our product line includes different inflatable items - bouncers, outdoor advertising objects, tents, sports equipment, custom design structures, and also foam filled products – costumes, sports accessories and playground equipment. We have branches in Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

Our experience from more than twenty years of manufactur- ing and rental services allows us to provide high quality and safe inflatable products. Manufacturing is carried out in compliance with European standard (EN 14960:2006), as well as the use of strong, certified and tested material that guarantees very good durability and reliability of our products. During our history we have made over 1200 inflatable games and advertising shapes. Every year our games participate in an average of 400 events in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland and Sweden. Our products have been sold to 100 countries: Japan, Lebanon, Ukraine, China, USA, Italy, Austria, etc.


The material we use is high tear strength PVC with 680 g/ m2 weight. It has been used and tested in our products for several years and has proved itself very strong, durable and  resistant to tear and wear. For seams we use a thread that can withstand 17 kg of force before tearing. We also have a variety of different density foams available for our foam filled products.


Our experience has provided us with the knowledge of how to make our products more strong and durable. During the design or manufacturing process we try to incorporate reinforcements in perceived “high stress points” – floors, heavy use areas, joints and other areas.

Anchor Points

Our inflatable bouncers all have strong and durable anchor points to ensure the bouncer stays firmly on the ground. The quantity of anchor points  is  calculated  according  to  European standards.

Inflation/Deflation System

We provide all our inflatable products with tested, durable and reliable air blowers. The inflation/deflation system consists of a strongly sealed inflation hose and an air block system inside air blowers, providing slower deflation of the inflatable in case of power failure or other damage.

Production Process

At Eurobouncers we perform almost all of the manufacturing process within our own factory – we design, cut, stitch, sew and finish the product. Print jobs are done separately at a high quality printshop and then incorporated in our products. Before signing off on an order from a client we confirm the desired design either by providing a 2D or 3D sketch. This allows the client to custom design their units.


We also provide services for your damaged inflatables – we are able to stitch, sew, glue or replace damaged parts of the product. Newer, stronger parts can be incorporated in your existing item.

Custom Design Structures

90% of our products over the years have been custom design. We have partnerships with vertical wind tunnel

operators and stunt jumpers to provide safety cushions for them; we have cooperation with shopping malls to provide playground equipment; we have made decorations for music contests and large obstacle races for TV-shows and, of course, a large variety of products for our rental services.


90% of products are custom made designs •  Since 1999 •  400 annual events in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Sweden. •  Products sold to 100 countries: Japan, Lebanon, Ukraine, China, USA, Italy, Austria, etc.

LGK attractions is fitted with inflatable decorations for many grand events and shows:

- Eurovision Song Contest 2003. We made inflatable backstage decorations. (video)


- Winter Olympic Games closing ceremony Torino 2006. In collaboration with “Aerodium” we made outlook of wind tunnel. (video)


- Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. 2011 | The Record Jump (video)