SIA "LGK Attractions" is a company run by experienced professionals to advertising business by creating a brand new and unseen. The company's most valuable asset is the experience of non-traditional advertising business, which includes visual advertising creation and development of both domestic and foreign companies.

LGK attractions will realize your wishes and ideas, using available today, diverse technology options. Together we can create a suitable, functional, a positive result-oriented ad!


- Inflatable objects with your design (gates, balloons, cans, tents, houses, attractions, etc.)

- Banners and posters with your design (cut, paint, print small and large banners)

- Advertising objects filled with foam (animals, objects and other fairy tale characters)

- Different advertising solutions as needed (summer terrace roof with a logo, car cover with logo etc.)

- Rental attractions, which can be "branded"


Opera project "Cloud"

Exhibition project "House MD"


Some of other projects for ideas: